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New additions on pages (including rescans) will be marked with a pushpin graphic which will stay for approx. 1 month.

1998 Additions

Additions after the new year on a separate page.

December 11, 1998: New section for Toulouse-Lautrec.

December 4, 1998: New section for Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

December 2, 1998: New additions and several rescans in the David section.

October 22, 1998: The mirror site at the University of Michigan will be gone soon, but a new U.S. mirror site is now up in Portland, Oregon.

October 20, 1998: New mirror site in Colombia.

September 8, 1998: New section for Masaccio.

July 30, 1998: New additions to the van Gogh section and a new mirror site in London.

April 24, 1998: New section for Paul Klee.

April 06, 1998: New sections for Diego Rivera and Jean Hey (Master of Moulins).

April 01, 1998: Changed the Waterhouse section to include a longer bio with associated thumbnails and a timeline. Note that the mirror of this site is no longer in service.

March 23, 1998: Several new additions and rescans in the Copley section.

February 4, 1998: Complete overhaul of the Gauguin section including many new additions and rescans to almost all existing works. New mirror in Portugal.

January 14, 1998: New sections for Cézanne and Ter Borch.

January 12, 1998: New additions to Constable and a new section for contemporary artist Allan Banks.

Additions from before the new year on a separate page.

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