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New additions on pages (including rescans) will be marked with a pushpin graphic which will stay for approx. 1 month.

1997 Additions

Additions after the new year on a separate page.

December 31, 1997: Many new additions to the "G" Section.

December 21, 1997: New section for Matisse.

December 15, 1997: New section for Picasso.

December 7, 1997: New additions and many rescans in the "E" and "F" sections.

November 27, 1997: Updated, removed, rescanned- completely re-"did" the Chase section.

November 25, 1997: A new section for Eakins.

November 17, 1997: Many new additions to the "D" section.

November 14, 1997: New sections for Böcklin, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Champaigne, and Pieter Claesz.

October 25, 1997: A large update to the "C" section.

October 22, 1997: New additions to Dürer & Friedrich.

October 19, 1997: New additions to Bronzino, along with rescans of most of the existing works.

October 17, 1997: New sections for Miró and Chadwick.

October 12, 1997: New additions to the Goya section- particularly works from his Caprichos set.

October 4, 1997: New section for Pissarro.

September 20, 1997: New section for Magritte.

September 14, 1997: New section for Domenico Ghirlandaio.

September 8, 1997: New Section for Canaletto.

September 3, 1997: You can now Search my mirror in Japan.

September 2, 1997: New additions and several rescans in the Degas section.

August 29, 1997: New Carpaccio section.

August 18, 1997: New sections for Kandinsky and Aertsen.

August 16, 1997: Got a bit carried away in the "B" section- added around 150 new scans.

August 6, 1997: New section for Bouguereau, and a search engine which will search pages within my Denmark mirror site.

July 24, 1997: Several new additions and a couple rescans in the A section.

July 19, 1997: New section for the Korean artist Byun Shi Ji.

July 8, 1997: New Munkácsy section, and a few new additions to Filippino Lippi.

July 1, 1997: New Homer section.

June 24, 1997: New additions to Steen, and some new pictures which perhaps you can help me identify...

June 22, 1997: Tons of new additions and rescans in Velázquez.

June 20, 1997: New Bierstadt section.

June 15, 1997: A few new additions to Courbet and Hals.
Later: New Additions to Watteau, and one new addition apiece in Christus & Rose.

June 13, 1997: A couple of new additions apiece in Lawrence, Memling, Morisot, and Reynolds.

June 12, 1997: New additions to Filippo Lippi, Corot, & Fragonard.

June 4, 1997: New additions to Correggio.

June 1, 1997: An update to one of my very favorite artists: 17 new additions and 5 rescans in Caravaggio.

May 30, 1997: 15 new additions to Manet, along with two rescans. Also some new additions to Rubens.

May 29, 1997: A couple new additions to Boucher, and several to Cassatt.

May 24, 1997: Several new additions to Hassam.

May 20, 1997: New Additions to the "W" and "Y" sections.

May 11, 1997: New Additions to the "T", "U", and "V" sections.

May 8, 1997: Six new additions and seven rescans in Mantegna and a new section for Signorelli.

May 7, 1997: Ten new additions to Fra Angelico.
Later: New sections for Duccio, Rosso Fiorentino, & Pontormo.

May 6, 1997: New Hogarth section!

May 5, 1997: New sections for Sisley, Steele, and Steen.
Later: Tons of new additions to the S section.

April 28, 1997: 16 new additions to the "C" section.
Later: 13 new additions to the Unknown Artist section (not to be confused with the unidentified artworks page)

April 27, 1997: While I did not complete the Crusades section, I did place the 28 (thought it was 40!) scans which will later be incorporated onto the finished pages so that you can at least view the illustrations in the meantime. You will find them on the pages following page 3 of the commentary.

April 25, 1997: Three new additions to Poussin, two new additions to Blake and van der Weyden (with a rescan also), and one new addition apiece to Lawrence, Jordaens, and Lotto. Also a new bio for the Limbourg brothers.

April 24, 1997: Eighteen new additions to Marc, three additions to Holbein the Younger, and one addition to Baldung Grien and Altdorfer.

April 22, 1997: Due to overwhelming E-mail on the subject, I have brought back my unfinished Crusades pages. I am making no promises when it will be finished, but hopefully soon since I've had a total of 40 unused scans to use there for about 9 months or so now... :)

April 19, 1997: Thirteen new additions to the B section, and one rescan.

April 17, 1997: Two new additions to the A section (and a rescan), Six new additions to Manet (and 2 rescans), one new addition apiece to Altdorfer, Dürer, and Millais, and a rescan in Murillo.

April 15, 1997: Ten new additions to Cranach the Elder (and 2 rescans), and sixteen new additions to Monet.

April 12, 1997: Several new additions to Velázquez, plus 4 rescans.

April 11, 1997: Several new additions to da Vinci.

April 6, 1997: Many new additions to the Titian section, plus a few rescans. The new Michigan Mirror is now at a new URL. The old URL is still there, but may not be kept as up-to-date!

April 4, 1997: Thirty-three new scans for Macke, plus a new bio.

April 3, 1997: Eight new scans for Sargent (and 2 rescans).

April 2, 1997: Many new additions to the "R" section. New mirror at the University of Michigan!

March 30, 1997: Several new additions to Rossetti.

March 29, 1997: Many new additions to Michelangelo.
Later: About a trillion new additions to Renoir- actually only 24 new scans and 2 rescans- this is now my largest section with a total of 70 scans. :)

March 28, 1997: Many new additions in the Rembrandt section, plus a few rescans.
Later: Many new additions to the Raphael section, and several rescans.

March 24, 1997: New Guy Rose section.

March 18, 1997: One new scan apiece in the Hopper and Hassam areas.

March 17, 1997: Two new scans apiece in the Géricault & Gauguin sections, and one new scan apiece in Gainsborough, Grünewald, El Greco, and Giotto.

March 12, 1997: Several new Burne-Jones and van Gogh works, Two new scans apiece in the Blake and Boucher sections, and one new scan in the Bronzino, Friedrich, and Fantin-Latour areas.

February 28, 1997: Two new Constable scans and one each in the Copley and Cranach the Elder sections.

February 27, 1997: Several new additions to Rubens and Murillo, and two new Courbet scans.

February 25, 1997: A couple of new Additions in the Lotto and Veronese sections.

February 24, 1997: New Additions in the Hals, van Dyck, Carracci and Lorrain areas, and one new addition to Giorgione. Also- fixed the major mistakes I made yesterday on Delacroix. :)

February 23, 1997: A few new additions in the Jordaens, Corot, Chardin, West, Delacroix, Gerard David, & Fouquet sections.

February 9, 1997: New Tissot and Gozzoli sections. There is a recent mirror addition in North Carolina- in my opinion possibly the fastest server of all of my mirrors...

February 5, 1997: New Gilbert Stuart area and additions to the John Singleton Copley pages.

February 1, 1997: New Perugino and Charles Willson Peale sections, additions to the Poussin, N, O, P, and Q areas.

January 28, 1997: New Redon section.
Late Evening: New additions to (and a couple of rescans in) the Boucher section.

January 27, 1997: New Dalí section.

January 21, 1997: New additions to the Parrish and Turner sections (including rescans of many of the existing works).

January 17, 1997: New Hopper and Lempicka sections! By the way... Have you checked the mirrors page lately? There have been a bunch of new ones put up in just the last month!

January 16, 1997: New Additions to Holbein the Younger, El Greco, and Grien.

January 15, 1997: New additions to the Dürer, Cranach the Elder, Christus, van der Weyden, Bouts, and Altdorfer sections!

January 8, 1997: Many new additions to the Klimt section!

January 7, 1997: New section featuring Doré Bible illustrations!

Past new additions from before the new year can be found on a separate page.

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