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 New additions on pages (including rescans) will be marked with a pushpin graphic which will stay for approx. 1 month.

1999 Additions

Additions after the new year on a separate page.

September 14, 1999: Revamped the Alma-Tadema section. There is also a new mirror in Odessa, Ukraine, but at the present time the fonts do not seem to be appearing properly on this mirror. It is worse when viewed through Internet Explorer (Including the AOL browser), but there are also problems when viewed through Netscape.

August 25, 1999: Complete overhaul of the Rubens section.

August 11, 1999: Updated the "I" and "J" sections. The North Carolina Mirror is no longer hosting this site.

July 23, 1999: Added a new section for James Abbott McNeill Whistler.

July 21, 1999: Added a new section for Franz von Stuck, and added a couple of new scans to the Jean Hey section.

July 19, 1999: Completely revamped the Delacroix section. There is also a new mirror in Israel.

July 12, 1999: Did the final update to the H section. The indexes will be updated within the next couple of days to reflect the changes.

July 08, 1999: Did the second update to the H section- one more to go!

July 06, 1999: Did a partial update of the H section (added many new images and rescanned several existing); I will make two more updates to this section before I update the indexes to reflect the changes. Please note that the "pushpin" graphic I normally use to denote that a scan is less than a month old will only stay until the next update when those graphics are removed and new ones are placed next to the new additions.

July 03, 1999: New section for M.C. Escher.

February 05, 1999: Several new additions and rescans in the Memling section and 2 more new additions to van der Weyden.

February 04, 1999: A few new rescans and additions to van Eyck and van der Weyden.

January 29, 1999: New Section for André Derain.

Additions from before the new year on a separate page.

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