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1996 Additions

Additions for the new year begin on a new page.

December 30, 1996: New additions to the "Vermeer" section, along with rescans of some of the existing works.

December 28, 1996: New "Mantegna" section and additions to the "M", "Memling", and "Murillo" areas.

December 14, 1996: New van Gogh section.

December 13, 1996: New additions to the Chagall section. You will note that I have been making a TON of changes to the look and navigation of this site. Please be patient with the new art while I try to make my site a nicer place to visit.

December 8, 1996: New mirror in Poland (it's still in the process of mirroring- should be complete by tomorrow!)

December 6, 1996: New Georgia O'Keeffe section.

November 25, 1996: Many new additions to the Sargent section. Please note that for a couple of months at least my additions will not be quite as frequent as usual. I have started a new job and feel like climbing the walls as it is.. Those of you who I have promised a certain artist can rest assured that they will come.. slowly but surely. :)

November 11, 1996: New additions to the Manet section and new Millais, Monet, and Morisot areas.

November 2, 1996: New Additions to the Chagall and Burne-Jones sections.

October 29, 1996: New Munch section.

October 28, 1996: Many new additions to the Bosch area, along with rescans of most of the existing works.

October 20, 1996: My first experiment with frames! Be sure to visit my new Ghent Altarpiece area of the van Eyck section!

October 19, 1996: New additions to the Klimt and Gainsborough sections, and one apiece in the Lorrain and Lawrence sections (forgot 'em last time!).

October 15, 1996: New Thomas Lawrence, Fra Filippo Lippi, Filippino Lippi, and Lorenzo Lotto areas, additions to the "L", Lord Leighton, and Claude Lorrain sections.

October 13, 1996: New additions to the Bruegel the Elder section- along with rescans of most of the existing works.

October 10, 1996: New Alma-Tadema section and additions to the Reynolds area.

October 7, 1996: New Holman-Hunt and Jordaens sections, and additions to the "H", "I", "J" and "K" areas.

October 5, 1996: New Macke and Marc sections.

October 1, 1996: New Chagall section and additions to the Sargent, van Eyck, and Waterhouse sections. Also- on Sept. 28 I made an error on this additions page- it should have also included new additions to the Gauguin section.

September 28, 1996: New Giorgione, Baldung Grien, and Grünewald sections, a new "Caprichos" area at the Goya section, and new additions to the "G" 's.
Late Evening: New Klimt section. (NOTE: The 4 new sections may be delayed for a time at mirror sites)

September 20, 1996: Added some new info and scans to the Crusades section. Yes, I got everybody's E-mail- I will finish it soon! I promise... :)

September 16, 1996: New "Fantin-Latour", "Fouquet", and "Friedrich" areas, and additions to the "F" and "Francesca" sections.

September 14, 1996: New Gerard David section and additions to the "D", "Degas", "Delacroix", "Dürer", "Dyck", and "E" sections.

September 2, 1996: New Christus and Carracci sections, and new additions to the "C", Chase, Corot, Courbet, and Cranach the Elder sections.

August 30, 1996: New additions to the "B" section- additions have been slow as I am preparing for my mirrors which are coming soon!

August 21, 1996: New Lord Leighton section and additions to the "A" and "Sargent" sections.

August 16, 1996: New Poussin section and new scans in the Raphael, Rembrandt, Renoir, Reynolds, Rubens, Titian, and Turner areas.

August 12, 1996: Additions in the "O", "P", "R", "S", and "T" sections.

August 7, 1996: New Lorrain, Michelangelo, and Murillo sections, and additions to the Manet, Martini, Memling, "L", and "M" sections.

August 3, 1996: New "Frans Hals" and "Hans Holbein the Younger" sections and new additions to the "H", "J", "K", and "Ingres" areas.

August 1, 1996: New "Gainsborough" and "Gauguin" sections, and additions to the "Géricault", "Goya", and "G" sections.

Graphic Links below this point are no longer valid due to some changes I have had to make.

July 30, 1996: New scans in the "D", "E", "F", "Degas", "Delacroix", "Dürer", "van Dyck", "van Eyck", and "El Greco" sections.

July 25, 1996: New "Courbet" and "Corot" sections, additions to the "Cassatt", "Constable", "Correggio", "Cranach the Elder", and "C" sections.

July 24, 1996: New works in the Caravaggio section.

July 20, 1996: Added new "Watteau" and "West" sections, and added scans to the "Weyden", "U", "W", and "Z" areas.

July 19, 1996: Added new "Veronese" and "Vermeer" sections along with additions to the "V", "Velázquez", "da Vinci", and "Goya" areas.

July 13, 1996: Hopefully the server is running better now- let me know if you have any difficulties. I have added TONS of new "B" artists, a few new works in the "U", "Botticelli", "Bronzino" and "P. Bruegel the Elder" sections, and new Blake, Bosch, Bouts, and Burne-Jones pages.

June 25, 1996: New Limbourg section, additions to the "A", Fra Angelico, and Waterhouse sections.

June 13, 1996: New Correggio and Fragonard areas.

June 12, 1996: Many new Renoir and Botticelli scans. I have also done much more in the "Crusades" area, though it is still not quite finished.

June 11, 1996: Made new Caravaggio, William Merritt Chase, Piero della Francesca, and Childe Hassam areas, and added new scans to the Giovanni Bellini, John Singer Sargent, and Maxfield Parrish areas.

June 8, 1996: Added many new Rossetti, Waterhouse, and Delacroix scans.

June 7, 1996: A new Constable section, a few new "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G" and "L" scans, and additions to van Dyck, Bruegel, van Eyck, and Copley.

June 5, 1996: Made new Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Bronzino, Chardin, Cranach the Elder, van Dyck, and van Eyck pages, added to the Fra Angelico, Boucher, Cassatt, Degas, Delacroix, Dürer, and Botticelli sections, and added new "B", "C", "D", "E" and "F" scans. The Crusades section is still unfinished- (I've got too many things to do all at once!) I will finish it within the next week.

May 30, 1996: Added more to the STILL unfinished "Crusades" area.

May 29, 1996: Added section entitiled, "The Crusades: A Chronicle in Art". It is, however, currently unfinished and still under construction.

May 24, 1996: Added several new scans to the "G" section, and a couple of new Goya scans.

May 22, 1996: Added several new Giotto scans.

May 21, 1996: Many new scans in the "H" section.

May 14, 1996: Many new "L" scans along with a few new "K" and "M" scans, and a Weyden scan.

May 10, 1996: Added new scans to the Martini section- also working diligently on a full artist index.

May 8, 1996: Well over 20 new misc. "M" scans, one each in the Rembrandt, El Greco, "R", "S", and "T" areas, a couple new scans in the Manet and Memling sections, and a new Simone Martini featured artist section.

May 3, 1996: A few new Parrish scans, new "O" and "V" scans, and many new "P" scans.

April 23, 1996: Tons of new stuff! Many new Rembrandts and Rubens, a couple of Raphaels, Renoirs and Sargents, a Titian, A new Reynolds section, and tons of new misc. R and S scans.

April 19, 1996: Added new Titian section, plus many scans to misc. "T" artist section and to the Turner section.

April 17, 1996: Added new da Vinci and Velázquez scans along with many miscellaneous "V" artists and additions to the "Unknown Artist" section.

April 14-15, 1996: Added more "A" artists and moved Altdorfer to his own page, added a couple of Weyden and Ingres scans, and some "Z", "Y", "W", "N", "J", and "I" artists.

April 12, 1996: Pretty much EVERYTHING is new right now! In the future I will post artist's names, etc. when I have included new scans.

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