The present homepage has been prepared by the UNTPDC as part of the Trade Point Incubator Server project. The homepage includes links to relevant information services available in the Internet, together with UNTPDC services. This homepage will grow to a full database service on Trade, Tourism and Investment for the country by creating national databases in cooperation with the local Trade Point participants (Chambers of Commerce, Trade Promotion Organizations, Banks, Insurance Associations, Transport Associations, Universities, Tourism Boards, etc).

National WWW-Gopher services

This section is reserved to links with existing national Internet (WWW and Gopher) applications of interest for Trade Points members.

  • Country Map of Zambia
  • Travel Advisories for Zambia
  • World Factbook entry for Zambia
  • African Information Service Net (AIA)
  • Languages of Zambia from Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 11th edition, May 21 1988, edited by Barbara F. Grimes.

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