This file contains a summary of changes made in various versions of SmartList up to and including the current release. It is derived from the HISTORY file that is included in source distributions. For information on downloading the current release please see the Procmail homepage.

Only the last entry is complete, the others might have been condensed.

1993/02/04: v2.80
Started using CVS to manage the source (god's gift to programmers)
1993/02/19: v2.81
1993/06/02: v2.82 (never really released, was only available as prerelease 4)
1993/07/01: v2.90
1993/07/02: v2.91
Corrected the SHELL=/bin/shell assignment in
Made check if procmail was compiled without "#define console"
Stripping off leading "From " lines now before passing mails through the mailinglist
1994/06/14: v3.00
Cleaned up* for the mailinglists: starting su with commands on stdin, checking some permissions now in the filesystem to prevent silly mistakes during the installation
v2.91 archive server logged into the wrong file (../log), fixed
Made the x_command script list the nearest match when adding or removing people from a list
New x_command directive: checkdist
New convenience command: donatelist
Fixed a few typos that slipped into procbounce and flush_digests
Explicit support for moderated lists
Eliminating duplicate submissions
Catering for autoreplies to people not on the accept list
Flush_digests can now be forced to push out digests
Made the generated digests MIME compliant
Clipped an a bit too greedy -request-redirection-regexp in rc.submit
Implicit subscription can be enabled (force_subscribe in rc.custom)
You can create a subscreen script to screen the addresses of prospective subscribers (allows tighter control)
Tuned the procbounce script (it does what I mean now and it got more verbose in its diagnostics)
Taught procbounce about the more information deprived bounce messages (it can handle almost every bounce now)
Changes to the arch_retrieve script:
Carbon copies of subscription requests contained misleading diagnostics
Subscription notifications will be done to both the sender and the new subscriber (in case the addresses differ)
Fixed the problem of sometimes subscribing "please"
Educated subscribe about some caveats when extracting the subscription addresses from the signatures
Provided for standard hooks where people can plug in their semi-permanent local customisations in the rcfiles
Split off the mailinglist scripts in a separate package called "SmartList"
Flist recognises itself as flist if argv[0] starts with `flist' now tries to preset with values for PATH, domain and listmaster (if you are upgrading)
Rc.submit will add a To: field to outgoing mails if there wasn't any
Mail to digested lists will be automatically reposted on the undigested list (if any)
Provided for an alt_sendmail variable in rc.init, to switch between the two sendmail invocations
Adding the X-Diagnostic: Unprocessed if no further processing seems to have taken place
Moved the idcheck functionality into formail -D (due to popular demand)
Use the setid program instead of su while installing (does away with those "inexplicable" installation problems)
Weed out duplicate Date: fields before resending mails
Created choplist, the dist-file expander
Created cronlist, the new recommended script to put in the crontab entry (instead of flush_digests directly)
Allow for carbon copies to the maintainer of unsubscription requests
Documented and slightly changed the behaviour of the digest.admin administrivia files
If possible, the lists are now installed relative to the home directory of the `list' account
Install the examples directory to .examples
Fixed the automatic archive history truncation for digests, they previously were not truncated at all
Flist -v displays information about the currently installed version of SmartList
Extracted the hardcoded help from the archive server into the archive.txt file
Changed procbounce to send a final unsubscription message to people that were taken off the list due to too many bounces
Allow reply_to to override the Reply-To: field in the digest
Support for default help text responses
Allow for unsubscription assistance
Full blown MIME support for the archive server (binary files, arbitrary length, autosplitting, full MIME-encapsulation)
The archive server understands the "version" command
1994/06/15: v3.01
v3.00 didn't react to plain (un)subscribe requests
Installation as non-root had problems finding the right directory
1994/06/16: v3.02
Modifications to the archive server:
Modifications to multigram:
The installation makes the scripts in .examples executable
This version of flist -v erroneously displayed v3.01
1994/06/30: v3.03
Laid out the requirements for MIME support in the Manual
Modifications to the archive server:
Updated some misleading comments in rc.submit
1994/08/02: v3.04
Changes to mimencap.local:
Arch_trunc didn't work quite as expected (somewhere around v2.92pre10 this went wrong), and didn't truncate the archive at all
Install.sh3 now prompts before overwriting mimencap.local
Install.sh3 now generates diffs between rc.init files and tries to patch upon installation
Allow submissions with "Precedence: junk"
Inserted the missing newline for reply_to in digests
Put the contents of a digest in an extra MIME message
1994/08/04: v3.05
No real changes, just to synchronise versions with procmail
Most notably, formail v3.04 could cause problems on some machines where sendmail does not remove the leading From_ line on mail being forwarded
1994/08/30: v3.06
Removed the auto-encoding from mimencap.local, it was already (and better) done in mimencap itself
Multigram truncates the dist file after unsubscribing someone (if the OS supports it, that is)
Some new example files in the example directory
Insert some appropriate Reply-To's in the archive server, in order to prevent people from replying to archive server mails
Typo fixed in comments in rc.init
Return the body of the mail as well if the person was not on the accept list
Improved fuzzy search for explicit mail addresses in the subscription request
1994/10/31: v3.10
Changes to rc.submit:
Make use of the -z option of formail, get rid of the leading blank in the dist file for new subscriptions
Arch_retrieve log format changed, included timestamps
Standalone archive servers sometimes choked when receiving many requests simultaneously, fixed
X-Command mails can unsubscribe anyone from a dist file, even if the address is above the `magic' line
New flag in rc.custom: auto_unsubscribe
New shell script: "led", it should be used to edit any SmartList governed file (does locking and attribute checks automatically)
If no Message-ID could be recovered from a bounced message, procbounce always picked the same hashkey, fixed
Binary files requested through the archive server got spurious newlines appended at the end, fixed
Multigram can take optional multiple filenames now
An optional second accept file "accept2"
Procbounce ignores lines starting with [1-4][0-9][0-9] (transient failures)
Choplist supports kernels that don't support the #! hack
Subscribing third parties was impossible in v3.06, fixed
Forgot to export PATH in the cronlist example
Put in support to recognise the default domain for the accept list and force_subscribe flag
Allow multigram to really display multiple matches (so that the checkdist and unsub_assist features finally work as intended)
Tuned the multigram match values a bit, to improve the signal to noise ratio for typical mail addresses
Mails that did not have a Return-Path: or Reply-To: field were not replied to correctly (regression bug since v3.06), fixed
1995/05/17: v3.11pre3
Cc_unsubrequests and cc_requests had some undesirable side-effects
Procbounce reported spurious errors if badly formatted bounces were received
Make use of the more readable "variable ?? y" wherever feasible
New rc.custom variable "divertcheck"
Flist will now bounce the mail instead of trying anyway if it has insufficient privileges
Forgot to check the reject list if force_subscribe was used
Changes to the arch_retrieve script:
Procbounce ignores 0xx SMTP reply codes as well now
Some shells don't grok [!/], worked around this in
Changed renaming From_ to X-Envelope-From: to X-From_:
Made the default help.txt a bit more explicit
Changes to multigram:
The Solaris 2.3 grep doesn't accept -e options, caused a minor glitch in createlist
Provide examples/rc.local.r00 sample for X-Command fields in the body
Mask out Read-Receipt-To field on mails going through
The Approved field on moderated lists was not checked strictly enough
Handle addresses with embedded newlines
Third party subscriptions didn't send subscribe.files to the new subscriber
If someone (accidentally) removes the dist file, the subscribe script will recreate an empty one (and log a warning)
1995/10/29: v3.11pre4
Changes to multigram:
Get rid of X-Confirm-Reading-To: fields on submissions
Deal more gracefully with those superverbose smail error mails
Forced subscriptions on moderated lists didn't work too well
Include author name in digest topic summaries
Use the -odi option to sendmail to improve control of the load
1997/04/28: v3.11pre7
Changes to multigram:
Createlist didn't work well if $HOME was set wrong
Spurious "attempt" unsubscribe notices that were more than just attempts
1999/03/02: v3.12
donatelist now does the chmod g+s after the chown
Recognize more queue warning messages
Obtain the SmartList version number directly from patchlevel.h
Concatenate the header and body in a more efficient manner
Changes to multigram:
1999/03/31: v3.13
No real changes, just to synchronise versions with procmail
Most notably, procmail v3.12 broke $$=^0 conditions
The 3.12 HISTORY entry was incomplete
1999/12/17: v3.14 (never really released, was only available as prerelease)
If no Message-ID could be recovered from a bounced message, procbounce always picked the same hashkey (this time I mean it)
Strip List-* header fields from incoming messages and add List-Subscribe: and List-Unsubscribe: with mailto: URLs for the request address
Automatic cross-posting of messages sent to a digested list over to the undigested list only worked if the latter contained the letter 'y'
Recognize still more queue warning messages
Ignore "Data format", 8-bit conversion, and size errors -- the address is fine, the particular message is presumably at fault
Use four digit digest volume numbers starting in the year 2000
Setting archive_hist to "all" causes the archive to never be truncated
Changes to multigram:
Reject attempts to subscribe someone twice with an X-Command mail
Recognize DSNs and enable some primitive parsing of them
Mention online FAQ in SmartList Manual
2000/09/03: v3.15
Let the location of the "latest" archive be set from rc.custom
Add List-Help: and List-Post: header fields with mailto: URLs for the request address and correct format of other List-* header fields
"Wrong address" archive retrieval warnings could end up in the header
Send submitted messages to maintainer if moderators file is needed but missing
Only add List-Subscribe: and List-Unsubscribe: header fields if auto_subscibe and auto_unsubscribe, respectively, are enabled
Clarify the error message when a list cannot be created
When forwarding a message from a digest list to its corresponding undigested list, remove any Delivered-To: header field containing the name of the digested list, thus allowing the message forwarded back to go out.
Changes to multigram: