Graphic Lemoine, François (French, 1688-1737)

Graphic Bather, 1724, oil on canvas, The Hermitage, St. Petersbirg. 137KB

Graphic Hercules and Omphale, 1724, canvas, Musée du Louvre, Paris. 165KB

Graphic Lempicka, Tamara de (Polish, active mainly in France)

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Graphic Lenepveu, Jules-Eugène (French, 1819-1898)

Graphic The Martyrs in the Catacombs, 1855, Musée d'Orsay, Paris. 117KB

Graphic Lentulov, Aristarkh (Russian, 1882-1943)

Graphic St. Basil's Cathedral, 1913, oil and paper stickers on canvas, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. 240KB

Graphic Leocadio, Pablo de San (Spanish, active late 1400s)

Graphic The Virgin with a Knight of Montesa, 1473-76, oil on panel, Museo del Prado, Madrid. 88KB

Graphic Leonardo, Jusepe (Spanish, 1601-1652)

Graphic The Surrender of Juliers, 1634, oil on canvas, Museo del Prado, Madrid. 182KB

Graphic Lepicié, Nicolas Bernard (French, 1735-1784)

Graphic The Young Draftsman (The Painter Carle Vernet at Age 14), 1772, canvas, Musée du Louvre, Paris. 152KB

Graphic A Mother Feeding her Child, 1774, oil on panel, Wallace Collection, London. 164KB

Graphic Lépine, Stanislas (French, 1835-1892)

Graphic The Port of Caen, 1859, oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay, Paris. 151KB

Graphic Quais of the Seine, Pont-Marie, 1868, oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay, Paris. 152KB

Graphic Lethière, Guillaume Guillon (French, 1760-1832)

Graphic Death of Cato of Utica, 1795, oil on canvas, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 102KB

Graphic Leutze, Emmanuel Gottlieb (American, 1816-1868)

Graphic Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1851, oil on canvas, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 149KB

Graphic Worthington Whittredge in his Tenth Street Studio, 1865, oil on canvas, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Winston-Salem, NC. 173KB

Graphic Levitan, Isaak (Russian, 1860-1900)

Graphic The Quiet Abode, 1890, oil on canvas, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. 182KB

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