Linux 2.2.17 Release Notes

Platforms:Alpha, PowerPC, Sparc, X86

Linux 2.2.17 is the latest update to the Linux kernel tree. The out of the box tree supports the Alpha, PPC, Sparc and X86 platforms. MIPS is mostly merged but you should obtain the platform specific tree. ARM, M680x0 and S/390 users should get their platform specific tree.

This code is intended to build with gcc 2.7.2 and egcs 1.1.2. Patches for building with gcc 2.95 are merged but less tested than other compilers. Caution is recommended when using gcc 2.95 and feedback is sought.

Binary Compatibility
Linux 2.2.17 changes a few internal system structures. You may need to rebuild a few third party modules such as pcmcia-cs when upgrading from older kernels to this one.

Security Notes

Linux 2.2.17 contains no significant security updates.

Security Updates

IDE/SCSI raw commands
We now require CAP_SYS_RAW_IO for these.
IP chains
A casting error could occasionally make frames be treated as fragment zero
Keymap reload
Keymap reloads now require root

Architecture Updates

  • Fix fbcon, matroxfb and pm2fb for Alpha
  • Fix iovec overrun emulation for OSF
  • Fix lmc and dmfe build problems on Alpha
  • Remove an escaped debug message
  • Various small platform fixes

  • Add knowledge of WinChip C6 buggy TSC
  • CPU identification code knows about the Transmeta processors
  • Handle Athlon cache size reporting errata
  • List extra Athlon CPU flags
  • Machine Check Exception handler added
  • Save db6 correctly on debug traps
  • SMM driver for Toshiba laptops
  • Typo fix on oops reporting

No changes
PPC should now be back in line between the main tree and the PPC distribution save for USB.
  • ATI video fixes
  • Fix zImage for chrp platforms
  • Numerous small fixes

Some updates have been merged but not yet all. S/390 is not functional out of the box on 2.2.17.
  • Fix eepro100 on sparc
  • Fix lockd ioctl translation
  • Fix problems with SABRE
  • Fix signal handling problems
  • Fix sparc power handling bug
  • Fix symbios scsi on sparc
  • Fix string concatentation in sparc includes
  • Fix TLB multi-match bugs on sparc64

Core Updates
Fixes for CDROMPLAYTRKIND and rpc2 region info queries. Other fixes for some CDROM problems.
Fix the multiple ide directories in /proc bug
Handle iovec overruns as per BSD behaviour.
SCSI core
Hopefully fix the initrd unload problem
SCSI generic
Fix panic with some cards
SCSI tape
Various bugs fixed
VM subsystem
Fix I/O slowdown. Improve overall performance. Fix early 'no free pages' problem.
Driver Updates
3c59x driver
Add support for the 3c556, fix various bugs
3Ware IDE Raid
A new version of the driver is included
Adaptec 29xx
The aic7xxx driver has been updated. EISA/VLB card problems should be fixed too.
ALi 5451 audio
Added support for the midi port on this chipset
Small fixes
Several cleanups
Fix several crash cases on unload/setup with the bonding driver
BTTV TV card
Support multiple norms
A driver for most CS4280 and CS46xx cards has been added.
A driver for the Crystal CS4281 sound chip has been added.
Cyclades Serial
Small driver updates
DAC960 driver
A new release of the DAC960 driver has been incorporated
Fix problems with 100Mbit full duplex
Fix select handling bugs
Several fixes applied
Use I/O mode not MMIO for now
Merge an initial driver for the emu10k chip (SBLive! and friends)
Fix a bug in GETOSPACE
Add support for revision 8 boards. Fix a bug in GETOSPACE
ESS 1879
Fix incorrect sound on some setups
ESS Solo
Start card with mic input turned down to avoid feedback
Etherworks 3
Added support for byte counters
HDLC driver
This has been updated to the latest code
Fix scsi crash on boot problem, block scan for multiple drives, better boot volume handling.
IMM/PPA Zip driver
Fix problems with PCI interfaces
Initio SCSI
Fix crash on unload problems
IP2 Serial
Fix config ioctl bug
IXJ Telephony
Resynchronized withthe vendor driver releases
Intel i810 audio
Several API and other fixes have been made. The high CPU usage problem with xmms has been fixed.
Fix serveral driver problems and update driver
MD software raid
Fixed the problems in 2.2.16 with block size errors
A driver for the Cyclades PC300 has been added
PS/2 mouse
Lockup on reconnect of a mouse on an SMP box is fixed
Driver updates and bug fixes
RIO serial
Bring in line with 2.4 driver
Smart2 RAID
Added another card to the known boards, minor fixes
SX Serial
Fixed DTR on close bug. Bring in line with 2.4 driver
Driver updates
Driver updates
Yamaha PCI audio
Fix problems when it is compiled in.
File System Updates
Small fixes
Atari Partition Probe
Perform atari probe last to avoid false positives
General updates to the CODA interface code
Set file types on sockets. Fix typo in error message.
Fix a problem with FATfs on CD-ROM
Fix off by one error on some CD reading. Fix 2K alignment bug.
Fix handling of 16bit characters
Fixed a race in the NFS code that would report the cache already locked. Don't listen for TCP on the lockd port.
Fix some problems. Stop it trying to handle Win2K.
General cleanup. Fix rename on OS/2.
Most UMSDOS problems are now believed fixed
Miscellaneous Updates
The bit operations on some platforms did not work for all cases
Memory leaks
Several obscure memory leaks on error paths of drivers have been fixed
VA rename
VA Research became VA Linux
The main kernel mailing lists moved. This is reflected in the documentation for 2.2.17
A general effort to remove some of the warnings from the code
Network Updates
Improve the handling of AARP when an address gets reused by another node. Fix other small appletalk bugs.
Fix problems in the parameter parser. Fix memory leak.
IRIX food fight
Fixed a problem that caused Linux and Irix boxes to occasionally get into food fights with FIN frames
Document new ipmasqadm tool locations
Some obscure oops cases have been fixed
A race between device unloading and packet dequeueing has been fixed
A potential situation where incorrect errors were set on sockets has been fied.
Fix some hangs and crashes under very high VM load. Fix some other problems with very busy sites