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GLVisir is a component for on-screen displaying animated or static 3D scenes using hardware or software OpenGL for rendering. It is especially designed for rendering 3D surfaces and 3D sets.

Screenshots demonstrating examples of using GLVisir:

Visualization of alternate integral
Visualization of simple 3D Model


The component has visual controls for:

  • Rotation, Zoom, Move of scene objects;
  • Changing rendering style (wired, filled, combined) at run-time;
  • Animation: Play, Stop, Forward, Back, Loop mode, Animation speed;
  • Displaying all animation frames simultaneously;
  • Saving/Loading 3D scenes;
  • Setting background color;
  • Setting translucent mode – all objects in scene are semitransparent;
  • Displaying axis and coordinate ranges.


GLVisir is designed for Delphi 5 and C++ Builder 5.

How to use

For detailed information on using GLVisir with examples see GLVisir.hlp supplied with the download files.


GLVisir is free and distributed "as is". Should you have any ideas on improving the existing functions of this product after you have downloaded and used it, e-mail us easely.

Purchasing and Registration

You may download and use GLVisir for free now! This version is full functional and has no restrictions in use.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at
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