Delphi WDOSX Project Library


DWPL stands for Delphi WDOSX Project Library. This library is for creating native 32-bit protected mode DOS programs with Delphi 5-7 using the WDOSX DOS extender as the core. The goal of the library project is to make the usage of the Delphi/Kylix OpenCLX library easier and to provide support for things which are missing when using Delphi with pure WDOSX. DWPL is a open source library and (like OpenCLX from Borland) released by the GPL licence.

DWPL 2.4.0 consists of following parts

Basic runtime library with SysUtils.pas, Classes.pas and more.
GUI user interface currently based on a Turbo Vision like outfit. Units are e.g. QForms.pas and QControls.pas. Most standard GUI elements are implemented. This means that forms designed with the Delphi Form Designer will be displayed in a textmode environment.
Currently only Sockets.pas. More units from Delphi internet, xml and soap folders will follow in the future.
Memory and Interrupts
Units for doing low level stuff, like direct memory and ports access, DPMI support etc.

Changes since DWPL 2.2.0

Supported Delphi versions

Pre-compiled binaries for D5 and D7 Standard will be available later.
But some features (eg. Sockets.pas unit) are only available with D6 or D7 Professional/Enterprise/Architect.

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DWPL at SourceForge
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