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TMClick123 v 1.0

Freeware without source!

TMClick123 is a set of components which introduces new OnClick behaivor for several standard components.

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Windows & Delphi capture two OnClick events. OnClick and OnDblClick. If there is OnDblClick, there is always OnClick fired before it and this is what you may don't want to happen, but you can't prevent it. The solution is not to use OnClick if you want OnDblClick!

What I exepcted (long time ago) was OnClick not to be fired if there is OnDblClick!

Sometimes, you may need an OnTripleClick event also, but there is none! The most obvious usage for this event might be an editor which changes caret position OnClick, selects word under the caret on DoubleClick and select the whole line with caret on TripleClick.

There are a lot of other situations when you may need this nonstandard OnClick behaivor!

That's why I made a set of Click123 components, TTMClickMemo, TTMClickEdit, TTMClickCheckBox, TTMClickLabel, TTMClickImage and TTMClickPanel.

Use this components with care! Some components, TEdit and TMemo have been around for quite some time and the users are already familiar with their behaivor. Introducing the new one may not be what they expect! Beside that, being standard windows components, they already do some other actions within OnClick, OnDblClick or OnMouseDown etc. so the mixture of behaivors might be the worst choice! There are here only as example what might be done, not as what should be done!

TTMClickLabel, TTMClickImage and TTMClickPanel might be interesting, thought.  It's up to you to find out if you need such a behaivor in your application. If you need some other component to introduce this behaivor, just let me know and I will make it happen.

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The component does not introduce new properties at all.

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There are six new events introduced in Click123 components!

On1stClick :TNotifyEvent!
This event is fired whenever OnClick is expected. The name is changed since OnClick and OnDblClick are used internally by the component and you can not use OnClick anymore.
On2ndClick :TNotifyEvent!

This is the second click in the row!
On3rdClick :TNotifyEvent!

This is the third click in the row!
OnSingleClick :TNotifyEvent!

This event is fired after On1stClick if there is not a second click detected for some time!  Since one can not tell if there would be the second click or not, the component has to wait (for GetDoubleClickTime) to see if it will happen and if not, OnSingleClick is fired. the next click will be the 1st one in a row, again.
OnDoubleClick :TNotifyEvent!

This event replaces OnDblClick and is fired after On2ndClick if there is not a third click detected!  OnDblClick is used internally by the component and you can not use it directly.
OnTripleClick :TNotifyEvent!

This event is fired after On3rdClick!  If you click the left mouse button for the third time during the DoubleClickTime (500 msec default) the component fires OnTripleClick event.

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Demo project is included in the archive! You don't have to install the components at all! Just open the demo project and run it. If you want, you can install it later at wish!

Whether you find the component interesting or not, I would appreciate your comments by e-mail. I gave you this component for free so, don't hesitate,  waste an e-mail with a few words!

Download ~ 50 Kb

Source available on purchase Price: US $ 30.
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