MegaPanel for Delphi V1/2/3/4


MegaPanel is the Ultimate Delphi Panel Control.

Here are some of its features:


  • Supports ALL Delphi versions
  • Automatically generated Panel Labels
  • Complete control over Panel bevels, size, style and spacing
  • Complete control over Caption bevels, size style and spacing
  • Complete control over Label bevels, size style and spacing
  • Automatic or Manually set Label text
  • Automatic Quicken Style Labels
  • Panel and Quicken style labels may be mixed in any panel
  • Separate color settings for Panel and Quicken style labels
  • Multi-line Labels and Captions
  • Rotation of Labels and Captions
  • 16 different Label positioning options
  • 12 different Caption positioning options
  • Selectable Label background colors including Dithered and Rasterop
  • Selectable Caption background colors including Dithered and Rasterop
  • Each label may be assigned a separate foreground or background color
  • Transparent Captions, Labels and Panels
  • 4 different Captioning styles including Groupbox and Floating Caption styles
  • Many options to control the Caption location
  • Multiple background bitmaps for Panel or Caption or Both
  • 26 different Bitmap positioning options including Stretch and Tile for any picture
  • 14 different Bitmap location options for Panel and Caption pictures
  • Multiple completely Transparent Bitmaps


  • Automatic Panel Dividers
  • Automatic Child Control Centering and Resizing
  • Automatic Child Control Font Resizing
  • Automatic Caption Resizing and Label Resizing
  • All autosizing is infinitely accurate regardless of previous panel size
  • Gradient Fills in many different styles for Panel or Caption or Both
  • Gradient Fills and Pictures may be used at the same time
  • Automatic Keyboard Fixup to allow the Enter or Arrow keys to work like the Tab key on a Panel by Panel and Control by Control basis
  • Special Property Editor for editing control class fixups
  • Automatic Control Drop Shadow effects with Dithered and Rasterop styles
  • Automatic Hot Key Label generation from hint text
  • Automatic Hot Keyed Control Focusing
  • Label color effects for Focused control
  • Label 3D effects for Focused control
  • Label Live focus effects to highlight a label as the mouse passes over its control
  • Color change focus allows the control to change color when it has the focus
  • Use Any Form as a Panel. This allows you to modularize your code
  • Panel Forms can be aligned using standard control alignment styles
  • Panel form runtime view available while designing
  • And yes there is still more...


This Component Is Freeware !



MegaPanel is Free provided that you agree to use it under the terms of License Agreement. The License Agreement is also included in all source code files.

To install MegaPanel, unzip the downloaded file into your DELPHI\LIB directory. Then add the MEGAPANL.PAS and MEGAPROP.PAS files to your component library.

NOTE: This software is provided as Freeware and we are unable to provide any type of support for it.