DBFilterCombo for Delphi V1/2/3/4


DBFilterCombo is a Data Aware Lookup ComboBox control. It looks and works just like the standard Delphi DBLookupCombo with following additional features:


  • Items in the ComboBox Drop Down List can be Filtered by an independent LookupFilterField.
  • The LookupFilterField has both Minimum and Maximum values
  • The LookupFilterField values may be Inclusive or Exclusive.
  • The LookupFilterField can use strict or relaxed checking.
  • The LookupFilterField does NOT have to be a key.
  • Automatic addition of records to the Lookup Datasource if the user enters a value in the ComboBox Edit field that is not already contained in the lookup list.
  • An event that is triggered when records are added to the Lookup Datasource. This allows you to accept or reject record addition on a record by record basis.


  • Incremental List Searching to allow the user to enter the first part of an item in the list and have the rest of the field filled in automatically.
  • Incremental searches can be case sensitive or case insensitive.
  • Intelligent Drop Down List placement when the drop down list is near to a screen edge.
  • The DropDown List is a descendant of TStringGrid and has the option of multiple columns.
  • The DropDown List can may have column headings.
  • Column and Row lines may be optionally displayed in the DropDown List.
  • Independent setting of DropDown List Font.
  • Control of DropDown List grid and column heading background colors.
  • Sample program included.
  • Help file integrates with Delphi IDE.


DBFilterCombo is really great for those little Helper Tables that all Database applications need. You know the ones that store things like Titles (Mrs, Mrs, Colonel etc) or Shipping Method (Air, Sea, Courier etc etc). In fact you can now store all of these little helpers in a single table and use DBFilterCombo to provide DropDown lists Filtered by category (eg, Titles, Shipping Method, Religion etc). I use it in almost every Database application I write.


This Component Is Freeware !