TPJAboutBox & TPJVersionInfo Components



This distribution contains releases of two related non-visual components:

The archive contains three further .zip files. These are:


These components have been tested with Delphi versions 1, 2, 3 and 4. They may work correctly in Delphi 5 but have not been tested.

TPJAboutBoxDlg depends on presence of TPJVersionInfo. The Delphi IDE will throw an error if TPJVersionInfo is not already installed.

The file aboutbox.pas in requires different versions of the TPJVersionInfo component to be installed in order to work with 16 and 32 bit versions of Delphi. See vinfo16.htm in and vinfo32.htm in for information about installing the 16 and 32 bit versions of TPJVersionInfo respectively.


To install the components un-zip into a new folder on your hard disk, preserving the folder information contained in the zip file. You should then unzip, and and proceed according to the instructions contained in each zip file.

Each of the zip files contains a HTML file describing how to install each of the components.

Note that TPJAboutBoxDlg depends on the presence of TPJVersionInfo and therefore TPJVersionInfo should be installed first.

Known Issues

See the individual documentation in each archive for details of known issues.

Update History

Release 1.0 of 08/07/1999
AboutBox Release 3.0, VerInfo Release 1.0 & VerInfo Release 2.0

Release 1.1 of 28/11/1999
AboutBox Release 3.1, VerInfo Release 1.0.1 & VInfo Release 2.1

License & Disclaimer

These components are copyright © P.D.Johnson, 1998-1999.

The source code and help files can be freely distributed on a not-for-profit basis providing that:

  1. the source code is not altered.
  2. this readme file is distributed with the components unchanged

By not-for-profit I mean that you may recover out of pocket expenses incurred in distributing the code, but should not make a profit from this.

If you discover any bugs in this implementation, or if you have any update suggestions, please contact me on

Please do modify the code for you own use. I'd like to see any changes you make - I could incorporate them into future versions. Please notify me of changes on at the above e-mail address.

This software is provided as is - no warranty is given as to its suitability for any purposes to which you may wish to put it.

About the Author

I'm Peter Johnson - a hobbyist programmer living in Ceredigion in West Wales, UK. I write mainly in Delphi, but occasionally dabble in C, C++ and Java. My programs are available for download on my web-site:

I can be contacted by e-mail on