Development in the face of two powerful currents

Report of the Secretary-General of UNCTAD to the ninth session of the Conference


Chapter I
Trade and development in a liberalized and globalizing world economy

A. Introduction
B. Liberalization and a globalizing world economy
C. Liberalization, globalization and development
D. Managing a liberalized and globalizing world economy in the pursuit of growth and development
E. Conclusions

Chapter II
Promoting international trade as an instrument for development in the post-Uruguay Round world

A. Opportunities and challenges for promoting economic growth and sustainable development
B. Enhancing the participation of the developing countries and countries in transition in international trade: policy approaches and measures
C. New and emerging issues
D. Promoting complementarity between UNCTAD and WTO

Chapter III
Promoting enterprise development and competitiveness in developing countries and countries in transition

A. The enterprise sector in developing countries and economies intransition
B. National and regional policies for enterprise development and competitiveness
C. Facilitating enterprise operations in a global economy: the need for international action

Chapter IV
Future work of UNCTAD in accordance with its mandate; Institutional implications - Some personal reflections

The present report TD/366/Rev.1, prepared for the ninth session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development was issued in a preliminary version with a symbol TD/366.
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