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Thailand's first wheat flour mill
and its growth through three decades

United Flour Mill Public Company Limited (UFM), the country's first and largest wheat flour mill was founded on March 31, 1961 and commenced operations on May 9,1964 with Marshal of The Royal Thai Air Force Fuen R. Riddhangni as its first chairman.

The company was granted BOI promotional privileges to produce wheat flour that would reduce the import of such products and enable the Thai consumer to buy wheat-flour-based products at reasonable cost while matching the quality of imported food.

1966 - United Silo and Services Co., Ltd. was founded with paid-up capital of Bt 200 million to store quality wheat grain.

1967 - International Warehousing Co., Ltd. was established to operate a public warehouse for storing bulk and bagged cargo and to accommodate imported or exported cargoes.

1976 - United Grains Co., Ltd. was established to operate a silo service and a wharf with a highly efficient conveyor system.

1978 - The company was listed in the Stock-Exchange of Thailand on September 30, with paid-up capital of Bt 400 million. On September 23, 1991, the company resolved to increase its registered capital to Bt 1200 million. It was in 1978 that UFM Banking school was established to promote and educate the public on the usage of wheat flour. It is the first private bankng school in the country.

1979 - UGC Warehousing Co., Ltd. was set up as the company's second public warehouse to increase storage capacity.

1984 - Samut Transport Co., Ltd. was established to undertake river transport services for bulk cargoes and stevedore services.

1984 - UFM Food Centre Co., Ltd. is a special business unit formed to pur sue a comprehensive strategy of developing the application of wheat flour for food preparation and bakery products.

1986 - UFM Fuji Super Co., Ltd. a modern supermarket chain, was established as a joint-venture between Metro Co., Ltd. UFM Food Centre Co., Ltd. and Fuji Citio, one of Japan's leading supermarket operators, which operates over 300 supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan.

1987 - Mc Foods Co., Ltd. was established and appointed as sole distributor for all kinds of wheat flour from United Flour Mill Public Co., ltd. Moreover, this company became a leading importer/exporter of various food raw materials and chemicals for distribution to all food industries. Some of their products were Tapioca Starch, Modified Starches, Rice Flour, Mung Bean Stach, Potato Starch, Maize Starch, Wheat Bran, Cocoa Powder & Butter, Margarine & Shortening, Skimmed Cream Milk Powder, Anhydrous Mild Fat, Chewing & Bubble Gum and Food Phosphates, etc.

Top of the line

Bread consumption and its many derivatives has greatly increased in Thailand over the past decade. The expanding demand has attracted more manufacturers to the industry. To maintain its leading position, UFM has consistently adhered to its long-term strategy of maintaining high standards of production and product quality.
With a daily production capacity of 1,080 tons, which is regarded as the country's largest, UFM intends to expand its share of the market by increasing its sales volume.

Quality Control is an important factor in UFM's overall operation. It starts at the beginning with careful inspection of the imported raw material-high grade wheat grain from USA, Australia and Canada, together with a proportion of locally-produced wheat grain to encourage wheat farming in Thailand.

Laboratory tests by food scientists follow, to determine chemical and physical properties of the wheat grain, measuring protein, moisture and gluten contents, etc. to ensure the grain is of the acceptable grade. This dedication to quality control was recognized when the company was awarded a certificate from the Ministry of Science, Technology and environment for the high standard and premium quality of its products.

Production technology and facilities have played a key role in the company's growth. The factory complex, of approximately 145 rai, located at Phu Chao Saming Prai and bordered by the Chao Phraya River comprises a 546 metre wharf area. The company's fleet of 23 barges, three of 800 tonnes and 20 of 1,300 tonnes freightage, combining a total freight capacity of 30,000 tonnes, provides river transport services for shipping companies' products.

To store and maintain the quality of its wheat grain, the company maintains 104 cylindrical silos with a total storage capacity of 115,000 tonnes, equipped with a high speed conveyor of 1,400 tonnes/hr plus a dryer with a drying capacity of 850 tonnes/hr.

To produce wheat flour, wheat grains are transported to milling plant A (250 tonnes), B (300 tonnes), C (265 tonnes) and D (265 tonnes), producing a total daily production capacity of 1,080 tonnes. All mills are fully computerized and equipped with the latest technological German-imported machinery, acknowledged as the finest in the wheat flour industry for both efficiency and product quality. To store wheat flour until required, the company has built 69 silos with a total storage capacity of 8,000 tonnes, regarded as the country's biggest wheat flour silos.

With 23 warehoused providing of bulk and bagged cargo, equipped with a 150 tonnes/hr conveyor system, UFM is well able to accommodate customers' import and export cargoes.

Downstream business

The company has extended its scope to downstream business to promote the best applications of wheat flour-based end-products and to support its core business. UFM Food Centre Co., Ltd. was established primarily to manage UFM Banking & Cooking School, Pilot plant, UFM Bakery House and UFM Noodle House, all of which use the company's wheat flour.

UFM Banking & Cooking School
In particular, UFM Banking & Cooking School was established to produce skilled personnel in the field of cooking and banking. Located at Sukhumvit Soi 33/1, UFM school is renowned as the only professional school in the country which conducts various courses supported by the most up-to-date equipments and facilities.

All trainees are closely instructed by UFM instructors who are, themselves, graduates of food additional training from recognized local and overseas institutions.

Courses are open to the general public professional bakery. In addition, a specially designed "Little Baker' courses is available for children between 6-12 years old.

The Banking Science and Technology course and Wheat-based Meal Planning Course are two international courses offered to foreign students. These courses emphasize an in-depth study of banking science and are being taught in conjunction with instructors from the US Wheat Associates.

The school is appointed by the US Wheat Association, a non-profit state owned organization in United States, as a bakery training center for developing wheat flour-based food applications in Asia.

UFM also operates Baker's Center, supplier of bakery equipments and ingredients, located in the same complex as the UFM School.

The cooking course teaches basic cooking techniques, including identification and preparation of meats, vegetables, basic stock through to advanced cuisines.

Pilot Plant
To promote wheat flour-based food which is hygienic and is high in nutritious value, the company has produced a great variety of fast foods and frozen food items following popularity and market trends.

Products include pies, cakes, bread-dough, hamburger bun, ice cream, sandwiches, Chinese dim sum, and fresh noodles. The end-products are distributed through UFM Bakery House, the retail bakery outlets which are now located all over the country.

UFM Noodle House is n new style of fast-food restaurant offering more than 40 varieties of wheat-flour fresh noodle and pasta dishes in Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Italian styles. Outlets are located at several locations.

UFM - synonymous with quality

UFM 's sole distributor, MC Food Co., Ltd., supplies raw material such as wheat flour, food chemicals, modified starch, rice flour, etc. to many food manufacturers. Wheat flour produced by UFM under several brand names, including Kite, Red Lotus, Royal Fan and White Swan are available in 22.5 kg. and 1 kg. bags and 1 kg. boxes.

In addition, consumers are able to buy a wide range of finished products manufactured by UFM Food Centre Co., Ltd. another affiliated company of UFM, such as noodles, cookies, bread sticks, hamburger bun, pastries, etc.

Through its policy to promote wheat-flour based food consumption, the company has distributed a wide variety of plain flour and pre-mix flour to provide easy-to-make baking for entrepreneurs and amateur bakers. These include Butter Cake Mix, Pan Cake Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, Cookies Mix, Sponge Cake Mix under the brandname "Tippy".

All products are available in 250 gm., 500 gm. and 1 kg packs. The company also produces tempura mix, wheat germ, coffee and many more.

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