Mission Statement : The Botswana Power Corporation strives at all times to generate, transmit, distribute and supply electricity in the most safe, reliable, effective, affordable and environmentally friendly manner to enhance the social and economic well-being of the nation.

The Botswana Power Corporation, a parastatal utility which was formed in 1`970 by an Act of Parliament, has the responsibility to provide electric power throughout the country.

The Corporation, within the twenty-three years of its existence, has developed from a small, oil-fired power station in Gaborone ( which was commissioned in 1970 and dismantled in 1989) to better and more efficient thermal power stations in Selebi-Phikwe and Morupule using locally mined coal. The Morupule Power Station which is more technologically advanced and adjacent to the colliery provides approximately 80% of the country's power requirements.

Reserve power is also provided by the international grid connections with the Republic of South Africa to Gaborone and with Zambia/Zimbabwe to Francistown. The National grid has dedicated extensions to the diamond mines at Orapa and the Soda Ash Project at Sua Pan from Francistown, and the Jwaneng diamond Mine from Gaborone.

In order to meet the power needs of the nation and to promote rural development, Botswana Power Corporation, with the government, has introduced various assistance schemes to facilitate the electrification process throughout the country. These assistance schemes support the extensive village electrification programme run by the Corporation which electrifies at least seven villages per annum.

These electrification schemes and programmes are an integral part of a strategy to support our aim, of ENERGY GOES TO ALL...AND ALL.

In pursuing these goals, the Corporation is in daily contact with all facets of the community and we set the following standards in our business:


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