This directory contains archived versions of ACE and TAO releases. All releases are compressed using GZIP (*.gz) or ZIP (*.zip) compression schemes.

Major/Minor Releases

Minor releases of ACE occur periodically, typically twice a year. Minor releases have two-digit numbers, e.g., 5.1. Major releases are released infrequently, typically once a year. Major releases are 1-digit numbers, e.g.6, that include substantially new functionality.

The following major and minor releases are available in this FTP archive:

Beta Releases

Between major/minor releases, we are continually adding changes, bug fixes, and improvements to ACE. Many ACE+TAO users like to download and test our latest work in progress. Please note that these betas are often not as stable as the major or minor releases. In particular, they may not build on all platforms, nor will they necessarily pass all of the tests. However, they often contain important fixes that aren't in the official releases. As usual, we endeavor to fix any problems that arise as quickly as possible. Please see our online bug reporting and fixing process for more details on reporting problems with ACE.

The following beta releases are available in this FTP archive:

Note for Quorum Members

Members of the Quorum project may want to use the following beta that was fully tested with the Quorum-2.0 release:

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