GnuPG documentation project

The goal of the GnuPG documentation project is to provide manuals and other documentation so that people can use GnuPG correctly and wisely. We are currently working on a user manual for GnuPG.

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October 1, 1999

September 30, 1999

September 21, 1999

September 19, 1999

September 11, 1999

September 8, 1999

Past announcements that are not so new.

Get the documentation

The GNU Privacy Handbook (English)
This is also available in compressed postscript, but it is not very well formatted. Furthermore, the graph in Figure 3-1 is translated to JPEG format and therefore is not yet being rendered in the postscript version. The SGML source is also available, but you will need tools to build readable documents from the source. I have some build notes if you use SGMLtools.

The GNU Privacy Handbook (Spanish)
This is also available in compressed postscript and its original SGML source.

Replacing PGP 2.x with GnuPG
This demonstrates some of GnuPG's features by showing how GnuPG can be used to communicate with PGP 2.x users. A compressed postscript version is also available, as is the SGML source.

How you can help

As always, we are looking for feedback on the user manual. Our approach has been to get material into the manual and then come back later to revise it. This gets something useful into your hands as soon as possible although it can be rough or otherwise unclear in places. Here are questions to keep in mind as you read:

There are other specific improvements to the manual that are needed:

If you would like to help, please send me email so that I may coordinate your work with others. If you would like to write but are concerned about your writing skills: don't worry! Editing material I get from you will almost certainly be much easier than writing it from scratch. Furthermore, I'm happy to take writing in almost any format including plain text.

Mike Ashley
Last edited October 9, 1999.