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You can download the GNU Privacy Guard from it's primary FTP server or from one of the mirror sites.

See the README file on how to verify the signatures.

RPM packages of this software are available at

Precompiled binaries are available for

rsync access is also available; try "rsync"


Unices without a /dev/random should install the Entropy Gathering Daemon. The latest version 0.5 (30k) is available at the usual GnuPG sites. (sig for EGD).

Other Software

Here is a list of other software with support for GnuPG:

Legal stuff

Some countries have regulations on the use of cryptographics systems; It may be unlawful to use GnuPG in these countries.

Please do not re-export (i.e. put it on a FTP server located in the U.S.) this software from the U.S. The U.S. administration claims that strong cryptograpy is a kind of amunition and forbids the export - consider asking your Congressional representatives to change these laws, next time you meet them.

And what about Wassenaar? Don't Panic: The General Software Note explicitly says that software in the "public domain" is not controlled by this list. GPLed software counts for them as PD.

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