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List of Some Known Bugs

This following list contains those bugs which we are aware of. Please make sure that bugs you report are not listed here.

Entries which are marked with "FIX: yyyy-mm-dd" are fixed in the CVS and after about half a day in the rsync snapshots.

[  *] #3
    --list-packets should continue even w/o a passphrase (or in batch
    mode).  Maybe we have to move it to a separate program??

[  *] #4  1999-01-13  0.9.1
    v3 key 'expiration date' problem:
       1. generate a key, set expiration date
       3. edit a v3 secret key, try to set expiration date
       - output: "You can't change...
       4. save
       5. key has expiration date from 1. and gpg reports that pubkey
	  and seckey differ.
    The for loop the is set before v3 detection?
    [is this bug still alive? - can someone please check it]

[ **] #6 1999-02-22  0.9.3
    Bus error on IRIX 6.4: Crash while doing a keygen. I think while creating
    the prime.	Other bus errors are reported when doing a "gpg README"
    on sparc-solaris2.6.
    --> Solaris fixed.
    --> IRIX bug still there but someone should test this again!

[  *] #18 1999-05-27  0.9.7
    rndunix hangs on hp/ux.  The problem is related to my_plcose which is
    not always called.	(I suggest to use EGD instead of rndunix.)

[  *] #22 1999-07-22
    Solaris make has problems with the generated POTFILES - seems to be a
    gettext bug.  Use GNU gmake as a workaround.

[  *] #23 1999-09-03  0.9.11
    Only the first signature of a cleartext sig seems to be verified.
    Can't fix it in 1.0 because the code is semi-frozen.
    HMMM: Can't reprodude the bug here - it just works.

[  *] #24 1999-09-05  0.9.11
    Does not link libc and libz expect when removing all "-lc -lz" except
    for the last one.  This happens on some systems when not using the
    GNU ld.  This need to be fixed in libtool.

[ **] #25 1999-10-04   1.0
    Validity check based on user name is only done when listing a key;
    the key ID based checking (selecting the user ID with the most
    validity) is used in all other cases.  The Edit menu does not have
    a way to disbly user ID based validity.

[  *] #26 1999-11-11
    gpg still does not take UTF8 strings to select a UID.
    FIX: 1999-11-12

[ **] #27 1999-11-12 
    Unknown packets (type 17 - photo ID?) mess up the checking
    of self-signature becuase they are simply ignored.

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(List generated from CVS:  1999-11-18 )

If you can fix one of these bugs/limitations we will certainly be glad to receive a patch. (Please note that we need a disclaimer if a patch is longer than about 10 lines; but it may help anyway to show us where we have to fix it. Do an "info standards" to find out why a disclaimer is needed for GNU.)

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