John William Waterhouse
Selected Works (1874-1890)

Graphic La Fileuse, c.1874, panel, Collection of Claudio Bruni Saraischik. 97KB

Graphic Sleep and his Half-Brother Death, c.1874. 91KB

Graphic Two Little Italian Girls by a Village, c.1875, private collection. 109KB

Graphic After the Dance, c.1876, private collection. 98KB

Graphic A Sick Child Brought into the Temple of Aesculapius, c.1877, private collection. 112KB

Graphic The Remorse of Nero after the Murder of his Mother, c.1878. 61KB

Graphic A Grecian Flower Market, c.1880, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.. Laing Art Gallery. 109KB

Graphic Diogenes, c.1882, oil on canvas, Art Gallery of New South Wales at Sydney. 150KB

Graphic The Favourites of the Emperor Honorius, c.1883, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. 169KB

Graphic St. Eulalia, c.1885, Tate Gallery at London. 104KB

Graphic The Magic Circle, c.1886, Tate Gallery at London. 108KB

Graphic Mariamne Leaving the Judgement Seat of Herod, c.1887. 110KB

Graphic The Lady of Shallot, c.1888, Tate Gallery at London. 166KB

Graphic Head of a Girl, c.1889, pencil. 71KB

Graphic The Orange Gatherers, c.1890, private collection. 98KB