Bio: Mabuse
(approx. 1478-1532)

Special thanks to the Microsoft Corporation for permission to use following biographical information from Microsoft® Encarta 2000:

Mabuse, real name Jan Gossaert (Gossart) (1478?-1532), was a Flemish painter from Maubeuge (now in France). In the employ of various nobles, Mabuse worked in many cities of the Netherlands and in Italy, where he became aware of new approaches to anatomy and perspective and of classical motifs. He combined these Italian Renaissance elements with the liveliness and precise technique of Flemish painting in such works as Saint Luke Painting the Virgin (1515?, National Gallery, Prague); Neptune and Amphitrite (1516, Staatliche Museen, Berlin); and Jean Carondelet Adoring the Virgin and Child (1517, Louvre, Paris). He also painted many versions of Adam and Eve and many portraits of men.

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