Graphic Kiyonobu, Torii (Japanese, 1664-1729)

Graphic Hayakawa Hatsuse and Nakamura Shichisaburo, 1702, woodblock print, published by Igaya Kanbei. 143KB

Graphic Nakamura Denkuro, Katsuyama Matagor and Arashi Kiyosaburo, 1708-09, woodblock print, published by Nakajimaya Isaemon. 119KB

Graphic Yamanaka Heikuro and Ichikawa Danjuro II, 1714, woodblock print, Published by Nakajimaya Isaemon. 130KB

Graphic Arashi Wakano as Soga no Obihiki and Ichikawa Danjuro II as Goro, Together with Otani Hiroji, 1723, woodblock print, Published by Komatsuya Kyoho. 161KB

Graphic Kiyonobu II, Torii (Japanese, active 1725-1760)

Graphic Mitate no Soga: Juro, Goro, and Yoshihide, 1744-48, woodblock print, Published by Maruya Kohei. 160KB

Graphic Kiyotsune, Torii (Japanese, active 1757-1779)

Graphic Ichimura Uzaemon IX as Shirabyoshi, 1763, woodblock print, Published by Magobei. 126KB

Graphic Klee, Paul (Swiss, practiced mainly in Germany, 1879-1940)

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Graphic Kleitsch, Joseph A. (American, 1885-1931)

Graphic The Oriental Shop, 1925, oil on canvas. 181KB

Graphic Self Portrait, oil on canvas. 108KB

Graphic Klimt, Gustav (Austrian, 1862-1918)

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Graphic Klumpke, Anna Elizabeth (American, 1856-1942)

Graphic Catinou Knitting, 1887, oil on canvas, private collection. 132KB

Graphic Kneller, Sir Godfrey (Dutch active in England, approx. 1649-1723)

Graphic Grinling Gibbons, before 1690, oil on canvas, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 107KB

Graphic Portrait of John Locke, 1697, oil on canvas, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 119KB

Graphic Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton, 1702, oil on canvas, National Portrait Gallery in London. 47KB

GraphicDorothy Mason, Lady Brownlowe, oil on canvas, Belton House, Lincolnshire. 143KB

Graphic Knight, Daniel Ridgway (American, 1839-1924)

Graphic Harvest Repast, 1875,oil on canvas, Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA. 149KB

Graphic By the Riverside, courtesy Rehs Galleries, Inc, New York. 147KB

Graphic Arranging Flowers, oil on canvas. 97KB

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