Graphic Hills, Laura Coombs (American, 1859-1952)

Graphic Breakfast, pastel, private collection. 123KB

Graphic Basket of Flowers, 1925-30, pastel on board. 115KB

Graphic Larkspur and Lilies, pastel, private collection. 130KB

Graphic Summer Flowers, 1942, pastel, private collection. 164KB

Graphic Hiroshige, Utagawa or Ando (Japanese, 1797-1858)

Graphic Reeds in the Snow with a Wild Duck, woodblock print. 124KB

Graphic 53 Stations on the Tokaido: Sudden Shower over Shono, woodblock print, published by Takeuchi Magohachi. 127KB

Graphic Famous Sights in the Eastern Capital: Cherry Blossom in the Evening on the Nakanomachi in Yoshiwara, woodblock print, publised by Sanoya Kihei. 141KB

Graphic One Hundred Views of Famous Places in and around Edo: Ohashi Bridge- Sudden Shower near Atake, woodblock print, published by Uoya Eikichi. 136KB

Graphic One Hundred Views of Famous Places in and around Edo: In the Dyers' Quarter of Kanda, woodblock print, published by Uoya Eikichi. 124KB

Graphic Hirst, Claude Raguet (American, 1855-1942)

Graphic The Bookworm's Table, 1890s, watercolor on paper, Brooklyn Museum of Art. 135KB

Graphic Hitchcock, George (American, 1850-1913)

Graphic The Milkmaid, oil on canvas. 168KB

Graphic Dutch Flower Girls, oil on canvas. 105KB

Graphic Hobbema, Meindert (Dutch, 1638-1709)

Graphic Cottages beside a Track through a Wood, oil on panel, Ascott, Buckinghamshire. 144KB

Graphic Woodland Road, detail, oil on canvas, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 168KB

Graphic The Travelers, approx. 1662, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 155KB

Graphic Avenue at Middelharnis, 1689, oil on canvas, National Gallery, London. 143KB

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