Graphic Dickinson, Preston (American, 1891-1930)

Graphic Factories, 1920, pencil and gouache on paper, The Newark Museum. 101KB

Graphic Still life: Tea Table, before 1927, pastel on paper, private collection. 110KB

Graphic Dickinson, Sidney E. (American, 1890-1980)

Graphic Mary in the Studio (The Wife of the Artist), 1929, oil on canvas. 118KB

Graphic Mary and Thorn (Portrait of the Artist's Wife and Son), 1931, oil on canvas. 91KB

Graphic Dicksee, Sir Frank (English, 1853-1928)

Graphic Le Belle Dame Sans Merci. 102KB

Graphic Romeo and Juliet, Southampton City Art Gallery. 88KB

Graphic Diepraam, Abraham (Dutch, approx. 1622-1670)

Graphic Barroom, 1665, oil on canvas, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. 108KB

Graphic Dijck, Floris van (Dutch, active 1600s)

Graphic Laid Table, 1622, oil on wood, private collection, Amsterdam. 101KB

Graphic Dipre, Nicolas (French, 14??-15??)

Graphic Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple, 1500, wood, Musée du Louvre, Paris. 88KB

Graphic Dix, Otto (German, 1891-1969)

Graphic Self Portrait with Easel, 1926, oil on panel, Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Düren, Germany. 110KB

Graphic Dixon, Maria (American, 1800s)

Graphic The Student, oil on canvas, Sellars Collection. 131KB

Graphic Dobson, William (English, 1610-1646)

Graphic The Artist, Sir Charles Cotterell, and Balthasar Gerbier, approx. 1645, oil on canvas, Albury Park at Guildford, England. 50KB

Graphic Dohan, Kaigetsudo (Japanese, active 1710-1720)

Graphic Standing Woman, 1711-16, published by Igaya Kanbei 122KB

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